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Cylinder Overhaul

Cylinder Overhaul Services

Time to get your aircraft cylinder overhauled? You’ve come to the right place. For over 30 years, our specialty has been performing cylinder overhauls for a variety of high performance aircraft and stock overhauls as well.

Buying new cylinders?

Consider our services to get the best performance and longevity out of your investment. About half of the work we do is new cylinder performance enhancements for engine shops and aircraft owners worldwide. Our customers have come to realize that it is risky installing a new cylinder that hasn’t been checked out. Improper valve job geometry, loose or too tight tolerances, and mass produced new cylinders can cause an enormous amount of problems that need to be addressed prior to installation.

Looking into getting an aircraft cylinder overhaul?  

All cylinders are not created equal! Our years of experience and innovative machining techniques have elevated our shop to one of the top aircraft cylinder overhaul companies in the country. Before you buy a new cylinder for your aircraft, consider getting yours overhauled. With proper maintenance, inspection, machining, and the replacement of necessary parts, the service life of your aircraft cylinder can be vastly extended, and our value-added options can make your overhauled cylinders even better than new stock cylinders.

Unfortunately, there’s quite a lot of damage that can be done to your aircraft’s engine, including the most common problem- surface corrosion of the cylinder barrel wall due to extended periods of inactivity or living in a saltwater or high humidity environment. This corrosion can lead to a slew of other problems for your engine, like high levels of oil consumption, loss of power to your engine, high oil analysis metal readings, as well as excessive blow-by in your aircraft engine. At this point, your two options are to either purchase a new engine entirely or choose the less costly option of extending your engine’s life by getting it overhauled. That’s where we come in.

Our owner and founder, Seth Record’s, in-depth knowledge and experience make us one of the best aircraft engine overhaul shops in the country. We are always prepared to answer any and all of your questions about your next aircraft engine overhaul and can also help you determine the best course of action, as well as necessary parts to get your plane back in the sky where it belongs.

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