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Cylinder Overhaul &
Experimental Cryogenic Treatment

Custom Capabilities

Our custom cylinder work capabilities include precision head work, balanced and blueprinted NASCAR type valve jobs as well as porting and polishing.

We also offer custom paint jobs for extra cooling and Cryogenic Processing for enhanced durability in an effort to make our cylinders bulletproof.

Additionally, we have high compression pistons available for most engine models up to 12:1 for air racing engines. Custom pistons coated with ceramic tops and moly skirts are in stock. We also commonly use port, combustion chamber, and external coatings for extreme applications.

DLC coating, REM Isotropic finishing, and other major improvements have been tested and recommended on some parts used in demanding applications.

All of our stock compression cylinder jobs come with our industry-leading high-performance valve job. These valve jobs are guaranteed until TBO. Our overhauled cylinders also carry an impressive 2-year parts and labor guarantee, and in some cases, longer. For example, nickel barrels are guaranteed against premature wear or corrosion for 5 years.

Overhauled Cylinders

  • Standard Steel
  • Chrome
  • Nickel
  • Oversize Steel
  • New and Overhauled cylinder performance enhancements

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