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Engine Parts Kits

Over the course of 30 years, Seth has helped pilots and mechanics alike build thousands of Lycoming and Continental aircraft engines. Lycoming and Continental engine parts are constantly being updated, improved, changed due to defects, or otherwise recalled due to failure; all of which requires the manufacturer to change to a new part number. In a lot of part numbers, aftermarket parts are available, and sometimes improved over the OEM. It won’t take long for the average aircraft owner’s head to start spinning after looking into all the required parts for their engine. With an endless stream of part number supercedures, service bulletins, AD’s, manufacturer service letters, and on and on- there’s just no way a person who has only built a few engines could know all of these details, let alone know where to get the best parts at the best price.

We serve as a highly trusted parts supplier for several major engine shops and FBO’s across the USA. We deal with the constantly changing parts environment all day every day. What worked best 10 years ago has likely changed drastically. We are well aware that pricing between various manufacturers can be highly competitive- and in many cases outrageous! Save yourself the headache and your pocketbook the heartache by letting us help you configure the best engine parts kit for your specific needs. Get your engine parts kit right the first time, at a competitive price, and see why Performance Aircrafts Parts Inc. stands out from other parts stores in the aircraft parts industry.

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