Cryo Testimonials:

High performance transmission and engine builder-

Before we started using cryo we were breaking about 1 part a week in our trans, in the last 4 years, we haven't broke a cryo'd part yet! (Cryo treats every major component in all of his tranny and engine builds, including brakes, u-joints, drives, etc.)

Wabash Wood Products Harrison AR-

Our new planer blades would last 16 hours before mandatory sharpening, after being cryo treated, they lasted 48 to 54 hours before sharpening. They ran quieter, with less vibration, and we were thrilled to learn that they sharpened allot easier, with about 1/2 the normal stock removal required to sharpen the blade. (In Dec 06 cryo'd every cutting tool in their plant by plant manager directive.)

Race engine builder-

I have never seen a crankshaft polish like the crank you cryo'd for me. It almost looked like it had been chromed it was so shinny. In 30 years of polishing cranks, I have never seen one look so good. (Cryo treats entire engine including some ignition components)