How can Cryogenic treatment help my parts?

Cryogenic treatment increases the strength and durability, safety, and performance of almost all materials in a cost effective manner. Cryo refines the molecular structure and eliminates void areas in metals and many other materials. If you looked at a part through an electron microscope, you would see the molecular structure is in patches, with voids in between each patch of molecules. Cryo evenly spaces the molecules in relation one another creating a denser molecular structure without significant change in hardness. Materials have enhanced wear resistance, improved dimensional stability, stress relief, uniform heat transfer resulting in cooler operating temperatures with less friction and breakage, higher conductivity for electrical components, etc. Reduced maintenance cost and downtime is also a major factor when considering cryogenic treatment.

How is the process performed?

Using state of the art computer controlled technology, with precise temperature regulation and a dry nitrogen atmosphere, the materials are deep cryogenically treated or chilled to -300 degrees F for 1 hour per inch of thickness. The thermal cycle takes about 2 days to complete. This is a permanent, one time process and is NOT a coating. Extreme care is exercised when handling and treating your parts. What applications currently use Cryogenic treatment?

Racing, aerospace, custom knives, metalworking and fabrication, engine, clutches, and drive train, sporting goods, musical instruments, spark plugs, and wiring harness, brakes, mining, heavy equipment, food processing, garment, military, paper, forging, electronics, firearms, stereo and audio, CD's, lasers, cutting and drilling, bearings, medical and dental, logging, and the list goes on.... CryoLogic is constantly researching and testing items and will work with you on any of your specific needs.