Why should you consider using Cryogenic treatment?

NASA, the US Military, NASCAR, and many other high end users have proven to themselves that without cryo, their products are sub-standard; with cryo, they are at the top of their game. The US Postal Service, LAPD and many other fleet operators specify and require cryo'd brake and related components, just to name a few.


Engine and racing parts have reduced wear and breakage from less total stress relief, uniform heat transfer, and higher RPM and torque resulting in more HORSEPOWER! Cryo treating crankshafts eliminates up to 85% of harmonics.

Brake rotors and drums increase life by up to 200-400% or more; reduction of brake fade and heat.

Gun barrels have improved accuracy with higher velocities and extended life of gun parts and smoother action; heat transfers evenly resulting in cool temperatures and tighter groups; gun barrels and parts clean easier.

Knives, chainsaw blades, and cutting tools stay sharp longer, sharpen with less stock removal, and resist breakage extending tool life.

Golf Balls and clubs average a 30 yard gain; balls last longer, clubs have enhanced "Sweet Spot".

Electric wiring shows documented reduction of resistance losses improving home or business energy efficiency by as much as 17 - 20% (Think about that! Save 20% over the life of your 30 year home loan and beyond!)

Almost everything imaginable can benefit from cryo; welding electrodes that resist corrosion, solder connections with up to 22 times the conductivity, light bulbs that last longer and resist breakage, cell phones get better reception and extended battery life, musical instruments have higher tonal quality, baseball bats vibrate less and hit balls further, razor blades last 5 times longer and clean easier, give your gal a pair of cryo'd panty hose and she'll never wear a stock pair again!